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Dermapen Revolutionary 2012 award winning fractional treatment that repairs and rejuvenates skin. Rebuilds collagen from the inside to plump up skin with little to no downtime. Treats fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, stretch marks, refines pores and breaks down pigmentation. Results from Dermapen have been extremely successful of ALL skin types, including African American skin!

Through years of extensive experience of treating many patients with Fraxel Laser with wonderful results, Linda was searching for a less expensive way to treat acne scars, stretch marks and wrinkles with similar results. After many months of researching coast to coast, Linda discovered a brand new device out west that claimed to have the same results as fractional laser.

Linda brought DERMAPEN to the Delaware Valley and has successfully treated hundreds of very satisfied patients, with only a fraction of the cost of fractional laser. For the first time, Linda could treat patients who previously could not afford treatment. Many specialists in the Skincare industry from ask over the US have turned to Linda over many years for her expertise in microneedling.
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Linda's journey has been one that started with her own battle with acne and acne scars. Going from doctor to doctor from when she was a teenager throughout her.......

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